So Fey: Queer Fairy Fiction (edited by Steve Berman)


4/5 stars

A lot of fairy/fae fiction tends to be very mysterious. A lot of LGBTQ fiction tends to be very tragic. This anthology has combined them both, heaping dollops of mystery and tragedy into my life that I did not know I needed. At first, I couldn’t figure out if this really, really annoyed me, or if it was actually a good thing because I was curled into a ball, sobbing. I still haven’t quite figured it out.

This sounds like terrible press. However, this anthology has a really large range of stories; there’s got to be something for everyone. Stories are by a mixed bag of renowned authors to fresh faces, including Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. There are happily ever after and happily for now endings now. There’s stories set in the modern world, in the fairy world, in the past and maybe in the future too. There’s stories about the sidhe, fairies of the high court, brownies and the Holly and Oak kings.

I could review all of the stories separately, but I think that would defy the point of them being grouped together in an anthology. Naturally, I didn’t like all of the stories, but as an anthology, I adored the mix and the juxtaposition of the different ones next to each other. It was as if each story was placed precisely to jar you out of the world of the previous one so that your brain would stop linking them together, and I really appreciated the editing in this anthology.

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